about VERB

Nothing says action as well as a VERB. Think about it for a second: DO. GIVE. SHARE. LOVE. These are all verbs. Sometimes, however, life can make it a bit complicated to actually accomplish, especially when it comes to serving.

VERB is an initiative to make serving simple in our community. To this end, we partner with exemplary nonprofits in New Orleans, providing volunteer opportunities, food collection and financial resources. Our hope is that as people participate in these projects, they will start to see service as less of an event and as more of a lifestyle.

We recognize there are many different types of needs in our community. However, in order to maximize our impact, we’ve chosen to narrow the scope of our efforts. So, we’ve decided to focus our time and resources on lending a hand to the fight against hunger in south Louisiana.




Second Harvest Food Bank* is leading the fight against hunger in south Louisiana through food distribution, advocacy, education and disaster response. With 1 in 8 people in South Louisiana struggling with hunger, VERB is excited to partner with an exemplary organization who is taking on a great need of our city. Second Harvest Food Banks accounts for 83% of the food distributed by pantries, 54% of food distributed by kitchens and 34% of food distributed by shelters.

*Second Harvest Food Bank of Greater New Orleans and Acadiana is celebrating its 30th anniversary of serving the people of south Louisiana by leading the fight against hunger through food distribution, education, advocacy and disaster response. Annually, Second Harvest serves approximately 263,000 people through 253 nonprofit and faith-based agencies across 23 south Louisiana parishes – from the Mississippi border to the Texas state line. In any given week, nearly 42,000 people access emergency food services through Second Harvest Food Bank member agencies.