When your new favorite restaurant opened in town you told your friends, “You just have to try it!” When that academy-award-winning movie premiered, somebody told you, “You’ve just got to see it!”

Maybe that’s even how you found out about Harbor Community Church. A friend who you trusted gave you an honest “You’ve just gotta come and see.” And you did, or you’re considering. And when you did or when you do, it doesn’t take long to figure out this place is just different. Special. A church where I can come just as I am. Messages that make sense, that I can apply to my life. A place my kids actually want to be! Harbor is simply a place you’ve got to come and see.

This kind of come-and-see curiosity is actually how the church grows. People who love Harbor inviting their friends because they’re convinced they’d love it too. We call it “investing and inviting.” Intentionally building real friendships with people and when the time is right, inviting them to be a part of what God’s doing at Harbor too. And not because you’re trying to get something from them; you want something for them!

And it’s a pressure-free approach to evangelism, because you’re not required to have all the answers. Imagine a more relational way: your kids play baseball with John’s kids. Your families have been getting to know each other every week at practice and you mentioned once that you attend Harbor. Finally you just say, “you ought to come and see it for yourselves,” and John says yes. So you caravan to church one Sunday and make some lunch plans for afterwards. John can’t believe church could be this fun, comfortable, and helpful! All you did was invite. But you’re experiencing the joy of being a part of someone else’s faith journey, and our church grows as more people realize it’s not as difficult to connect with God as they had thought.