Access Groups are small groups of 5-15 that explore one topic and are a great way to try out group life at Harbor. They’re like Community Groups, but short-term (usually 6-8 weeks). You’ll pray, learn more about the Bible, and get to know one another. Groups are made up of people at various stages of life and may be a combination of men, women, and married couples. If you want to learn what Scripture says about finances, spiritual growth, or how to be a better spouse and parent, try an Access Group.


Your faith in God matters to God. In fact, God is most honored through your living, active, death-defying, out-of-the-box faith.That being the case, he’s committed to growing it.Big.Imagine how different your outlook on life would be if you had absolute confidence that God was with you? Imagine how differently you would respond to difficulties, temptations, and even good things if you knew with certainty that God was in all of it and was planning to leverage it for good. In other words, imagine what it would be like to have PERFECT faith. In Five Things God Uses to Grow Your Faith, Andy Stanley builds a biblical case for – you guessed it – five things God uses to grow BIG faith.

Wednesday Nights October 25th-Dec 13th 6:30-8pm

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